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To feel like a child again.


Today I went to the swimming pool as I didn’t want to go running outside because of the grey and rainy weather. Watching the children there and how excited they are made me think back to my childhood. I remembered how I was the same as a child. Always excited when being somewhere like a swimming pool, shopping center, cinema,.. Every day was so special somehow, like little adventures. I always was so curious and discovered new things. The days felt so much longer back then than they do now. Today I’m not excited when going to the swimming pool, it’s just nothing new anymore. I think when you grow up you go through the same things so many times and that’s why your everyday life isn’t as special anymore.

I feel this childish excitement everytime I travel to another country. I felt this the most when spending my semester abroad in Sweden as it was for a longer time and it felt like having a new home and having to discover everything, to learn how to live there and to get used to it, just like you do as a child. I woke up everyday excited to discover new places and to meet new people. After some time though it really started to feel like home and I slowly felt my excitement from the beginning disappear. It’s not a bad thing, actually this is normal and I also love to feel like home in a place. But I think you get caught up in a comfort zone really quickly and to grow we have to learn new things and to explore new places, to meet new people, I believe.

This is also a reason why I want to go travelling for a longer time in the future and to travel not only to one place but to keep moving while travelling. To explore new surroundings and activities, to feel like a child again.

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