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7 lessons 2020 has taught me.


I see so many people say that not much has happened in 2020 but looking back, for me that’s actually not true – especially not for the first half of the year. Quite a bit has happened in my life in 2020 and it has also taught me some lessons:

  1. Don’t ever take what you have for granted. Your situation might not be perfect but there will maybe come a time that you wish yourself back to this life you have right now and realize how beautiful and special it actually was.
  2. Being in a low place is okay. Feeling all the sad emotions is okay. Often we try to suppress emotions such as sadness or loneliness. Or if they come up, we try everything to make ourselves feel better again. I realized how liberating it is to just accept these emotions, to let them out and to talk about them instead of bottling them up. I can’t count the nights that I’ve been crying this year! However, only if I accept these emotions and feel them, I can eventually overcome them. Often a good cry helps to feel better the next day. Did you know that emotional tears actually flush stress hormones and other toxins out of your system?
  3. The vision for your life can do a 180 in a very short time due to the experiences you make and the people you meet. Looking back at 2019, my visions and dreams have changed a lot! Today at 32 I catch myself wishing for things that would’ve probably been a nightmare for me just 1-2 years ago.
  4. Social Media breaks are necessary and healthy. I’ve had quite a few days without opening Instagram at all (this actually sounds a bit ridiculous). These days always felt so good and gave me new inspiration and motivation for creating new content.
  5. There are always ways to make money. This has been one of the years that I’ve worked on my money mindset like I never have before. Maybe because I made a big business investement or because I’ve had a lot of different temporary jobs without knowing what the next one will be: I have found a lot more trust in life when it comes to finances. I got to experience so many different ways to make money. I learnt that if you need to make money, you will always find a way to do so.
  6. Travelling is amazing but not necessary the most fulfilling thing to do. It’s not my main goal in life anymore the way it has been in the past. I actually wrote a full blog post on this topic, you can read it here.
  7. It’s true: You can’t stop after one tattoo, they are addictive.

Now I’m ready for 2021 and some new lessons!

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