mindset | empowerment | business | travel | holistic health

by Alexandra Dietrich


I’m so happy to have you here.  This is a place where I share my passions, experiences and knowledge to help and inspire you
to think outside the box, follow your dreams, create a life you love and live your truth. You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.

My name is Alexandra.

I was born and raised in Germany but have  travelled a lot of beautiful places on this Earth since then.

So far my life has not been following a straight line which lead to me to making a lot of different experiences, learning a lot of skills, having the opportunity to grow as a person and realizing what I truly want from life.

Now I can share all these experiences, my knowledge and skills with others.

I’m here to remind you of those big dreams you have and to give you the courage to follow them. I want to inspire and help you to live your best life possible.


“Stop Existing, Start Living” is my German podcast in which I talk about all topics that are close to my heart: travel, business, health, relationships, mindset,… In my life I’ve made a lot of crazy decisions, burnt down a lot of bridges and been taking a lot of chances – because life is short and we should truly LIVE and not just exist. I hope that my podcast inspires you to jump into the unknown, make new experiences and live life to the fullest. In the end we only regret the things we did NOT do. 

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