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Making Decisions


Making decisions has always been one of my biggest struggles. I think a lot of you can relate to this.

It just came to my mind though that in fact we should feel lucky that we are able to make different decisions. Most people in the world are not, many of them don’t have a choice at all.

You can always see things from two sides, it really is true. For other people the decisions I have to make at the moment and the problems I have to face sound like paradise, I’m sure.

So, if you are able to make decisions, embrace it, don’t be scared. I always am as I fear to make the wrong decision even if it’s just when shopping for something which is crazy. I really need to work on this so everytime I struggle with making a decision in the future I will tell me how lucky I actually am and try to see it as a blessing and something exciting.

Just a short post about what was going through my mind in this early morning. Maybe this was helpful for others who have decisions to make especially life-changing ones.


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