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Dream Destination: Morocco


Another country which I have on my wishlist, already for a long time actually. I was thinking about visiting Morocco with my boyfriend some years ago because we were looking for a country not too far away where I could make my surf course. In the end we decided to go to France though..

Morocco is a country about which I actually don’t know a lot. So why do I want to go there? Good question.

I’ve always felt some strange attachment to the Arabian countries. I guess it’s because it’s so different from our Western society. The culture, the religion, the language,.. I want to visit a desert and to see caravans and to go to the markets with all the exotic and colorful food and clothes, to just experience things that are so unfamiliar to me.  I think when you think of those countries you picture it to look like taken out of a 1001 Night fairytale. It also amazes me how you can see Spain from Morocco. They’re so close together but yet so far apart with their culture. Has to be so strange to look to the other side and to know that’s a completely different world over there.

But please don’t think I’m imagining Morocco to be like some fairytale dream country, I’m fully aware of what’s going on in those Arabian countries nowadays.

I remember though that when I told some people I want to go there they were like „oh no, you cant visit a country like this, it’s to dangerous, especially for a woman..“. You know, what I mean. 😉 And yes, I myself was and am still thinking about if it is safe to go to a country like Morocco which I think is stupid. Yes, there is some awful stuff going on down there but I think that also the media is contributing a lot to making people panic. I’ve heard from so many people that went to countries like Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran,.. that they didn’t feel unsafe there even when travelling alone as a woman. I also think we shouldn’t let fear keep us from doing the things we want to. And there are bad things happening anywhere in the world so I might as well die in „safe“ countries because of a terror attack, shooting spree or something like that.. we know these things can just happen anywhere.

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