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Sacrificing your dreams for others?


So last night was really emotional for me. I had a discussion with my parents about.. well, basically about what’s the right way to live your life. I told them I want to get a job now after studying to – among other things – save up for travelling later in my life and where I plan on travelling. Of course, my parents didn’t agree with this.

They say I’m not normal and I can’t just do this and that I have to think about my future. But.. isn’t this my future? Ah no.. I forgot. My future is to get a job and stay at that job for 40 years until my retirement and then that’s where life starts. What does „normal“ mean anyway? If the way they’re living is normal I don’t wanna be normal. I don’t even know why other people always wanna tell you how to live.. even at almost 27! Plus, I mean, it’s not my wish to quit my job when I have one I really doing but if at one point in my life I have to because there is no other way to do something I always wanted to, well.. what can I do?

And shouldn’t the only concern of those who love you be that you’re happy? So my parent’s life is not my cup of tea but does that mean I tell them to stop and start to go vegan, exercise more, travel more etc.? Of course, I’d love them to as I want to see them happy and healthy but it doesn’t look like that’s what they desire so I just let them live their lifes.

I don’t blame them though.. they grew up learning „how things are done“ from their parents. In those past days you also didn’t have access to internet to see alternative lifestyles. They also didn’t have the possibilities to travel how we are able to today so this was never an option. They also watch quite a lot of tv and we all know there’s just negativity and manipulation going on there.. It’s just so sad not to be understood at all.

To get to the point: What am I’m going to do now? Rejecting my dreams because I want to make my parents proud and happy and to give them grandchildren? As much as I’d love to do that for them, I just can’t. And I think it’s the wrong way. You shouldn’t sacrifice your dreams, life and happiness just to please others. It’s also quite certain that this will lead to mental issues and depression in the end if you follow that path. And deep inside the people who love you want you to be happy, I believe. I think if they’d know you’re not happy on the inside and just life your life the way it makes them happy they’d probably change their opinion. So if you’re not doing what feels right to you and what makes you happy, start now! Work for your dreams, make them your priority! We only have this one life.


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