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Dream Destination: Middle Earth aka New Zealand


So this is the first part of my blog series of dream destinations that I have on my current bucket list and it’s about why I’d love to visit New Zealand one day.

Since hearing about New Zealand being the country that’s farthest away from Middle Europe I’ve been fascinated by it. And also by watching The Lord of the Rings, I guess many people know this syndrome. 😉 I’d absolutely love to visit Hobbiton.. I mean, how awesome is that? 😀

What I love about New Zealand is that the landscape is so diverse: You have the ocean, beaches, forests, meadows and the mountains, even snowy mountains. So there are so many possibilities for all the different kinds of activities.

I’ve just stumbled across this blog and how could you not love to visit New Zealand after reading all those artciles praising the beauty of this country and looking at all those amazing photos? 🙂

Another reason for putting New Zealand on my bucket list is, like I said in my other article,  that I’d like to do some work & travel before being to old for the working holiday visa as I think it’s a great way to travel longer because you don’t have to use all the money that you’ve saved for travelling before. New Zealand is known to be a perfect country for this. Also Australia but somehow New Zealand interests me more and I don’t know but maybe flights to Australia aren’t that expensive so it’s possible to go there as well when being down there anyway. 😉


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