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Healthy, quick & vegan: Oatmeal


No, this is not going to be a recipe post, just a small post about my love for oatmeal. <3 😀 Especially now that the days are getting colder again, I really crave my warm oatmeal. It just makes me feel so comfortable.

I always loved oatmeal, even before going vegan. I think it’s just such a delicious meal and it’s so simple. I personally mostly eat it for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner sometimes. Oatmeal really makes it easy to eat a healthy breakfast even if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning. It usually takes me about 5-10 minutes to prepare it, so no excuses for not having a healthy breakfast. 😉 It also keeps you full very long (depending on the size of the meal of course) because of all the fiber.

Like I said, I’m not posting a recipe with exact measurements but I want to tell you what my oatmeal consists of anyway:

I always pour hot water on my oats. The longer you let them soak in, the smoother it gets. In the past I always cooked my oatmeal with milk and water in a pot but it takes longer and you have to clean the pot afterwards. 😉 I sometimes still add plant milk but quite rarely, I don’t really need it, I think it’s fine with water. What I do though is sweetening it. I always use brown raw cane sugar, agave sirup or maple sirup for this. I also always add flaxseeds as a source of healthy fats.

So this is my basic oatmeal. The rest of it varies from day to day. I love how diverse you can make your oatmeal. The things I add are: Banana (or some other fruit), nuts, coconut flakes, raisins, fruit puree or cocoa/chocolate. I mostly use banana, raisins, nuts and coconut flakes. 😉

And to add some color to this post, here are some examples of my oatmeal creations:

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