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Hot Chocolate – Vegan & Healthy


This is a post for all my fellow chocolate lovers out there..

A while ago I started replacing my morning coffee or tea with hot chocolate on some days. So I thought I’d share my recipe with you as it’s so easy and delicious.

Most people immediately think of the unhealthy chocolate flavoured powder for milk drinks when they hear „hot chocolate“. This is not what I mean when I say hot chocolate, I’m talking about the „real deal“ made with cacao powder or even cacao beans which you ground yourself first. This kind of hot chocolate is actually pretty healthy and also low in calories, fat and sugar. My hot chocolate isn’t even that sweet because I don’t like my hot drink to be too sweet in the morning as my breakfast that I’m having with it usually is sweet enough.

You will need:

hot water
2tsp de-oiled cacao powder
2tsp coconut sugar or maple syrup
pinch of spices

I accidentally found this special „Aladdin coffee spice“ at an organic shop. It goes perfectly with coffee or hot chocolate but you can also just use single spices such as cinnamon, chili, ginger, cloves,.. which is basically what my special spice mix is made of as well.

Put the cacao, sweetener and spices into a mug and fill half of the mug with hot water. Mix all the ingredients with the hot water. For this I recommend using a matcha broom – works so well! After that fill up the rest of the cup with hot water and stir again.

That’s it – enjoy! <3

Tip: You can also use this hot chocolate as a sweet treat. For my „dessert“ hot chocolate I love to add some more sweetener, plant milk or even some pieces of real chocolate.

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