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To be free.


So far in my life there had never been a point where I loved everything I do – except for when I was a child, I guess (although even back then there had been days I didn’t wanna go to kindergarten).

In school I had to do stuff I couldn’t stand all the time. After school there was a phase when I had nothing to do except for a part-time job at Subway (actually my favourite job so far) but on the side had the pressure to write applications and go to job interviews. I didn’t enjoy the job I learned afterwards. Later when I’d been studying I still did that job on the side from home to get some money. Even when I went to Sweden for a semester abroad and basically had the best time of my life, I still had to do that job. And now again I’m having a job I don’t enjoy.

So what I’m trying to say is that there had never been a time that I was fully satisfied with everything I do. I really feel that it’s finally time for me to only do what I truly want as I’ve never experienced a phase of „freedom“ like that. Freedom from pressure and from other people telling me what to do.

I feel that point in my life coming closer and with all my heart I know it will arrive.

Some of you might think what luxury problems I have.. which is totally true! Thinking of all the people that don’t even have the possibilities I have.. But I also believe that anyone should always strive for living the best life possible, to make the most out of it with ones individually given potential.

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