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Getting into meditation: My experience with „Headspace“


I’ve heard a lot of people, especially happy and successful people, talk about what benefits they get from meditating regularly. Even my ex-boyfriend was always meditating when we were together and I saw it was doing him good.

I never meditated in the past. I sometimes tuned in some guided meditation on my laptop before going to bed to be able to fall asleep easier. This works really good for me but I wouldn’t really say that I was meditating as the purpose of meditating isn’t to fall asleep, I guess..

A few weeks ago I heard about the app called „Headspace“ for the first time. This app offers guided meditation and I got so curious as some people really praised it to the skies. So, one day I decided to just give it a try and downloaded the app. If you don’t sign up and pay a monthly fee, you can still take a 10-day free trial and that’s what I did. I promised myself to take the 10 minute for this meditation every single day and actually pulled through it.

It was easy to not miss a day as I really enjoyed this daily guided meditation. It is performed by a guy called Andy and his voice is very pleasant to listen to which makes it really enjoyable to follow the meditation. Sometimes you also get to see a little animation before the actual meditation starts and I loved these. They’re pretty cute and explain complex interrelationships in a way that anyone can understand.

After every meditation I was feeling a lot calmer, clearer in my head and more conscious than before doing it. Also in my everyday life I sometimes thought about the meditation and remembered to take some deep breaths, to let go of all thoughts, especially the negative ones, to concentrate on my body and how it feels and to simply be more present in this very moment. So yes, this guided meditation was really helpful for me as it taught me some techniques that can help with destressing, getting calmer and experience more consciousness. The meditation teaches you to look at your thoughts in a more objective way and to just accept them and take them for what they are without judging.

I haven’t bought the full version of the app, maybe I will in the future. For now I’m just using the techniques I’ve learned so far and try to go on with meditating by myself every evening. Of course, to be honest with you, there are days when I slip up and don’t do it because I feel as if I don’t have the time (although you always have 5-10 minutes a day for meditation..) or because I’m just being lazy.

To sum it up, I can only recommend to try out meditation if you haven’t already. I believe that it is beneficial for anyone. Even if you feel like you wouldn’t enjoy it or that you’re not mentally ready for it at this point in your life… do it anyway, it can’t hurt to try.


„Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from the normal waking state. It is the means for fathoming all the levels of ourselves and finally experiencing the center of consciousness within. Meditation is not a part of any religion; it is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified. 

In meditation, the mind is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused. When you meditate, you are fully awake and alert, but your mind is not focused on the external world or on the events taking place around you. Meditation requires an inner state that is still and one-pointed so that the mind becomes silent. When the mind is silent and no longer distracts you, meditation deepens.“


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