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Don’t look for love, let it find you.



„You will find love when the time is right, when destiny calls, not before.

Desperation is a terrible perfume.“

– Leon Brown

Something I noticed is that a lot of people complain about being lonely and not finding a partner. Honestly, I believe that this is where the „problem“ starts: trying to find a partner. I’ve made the experience that love tends to happen suddenly. It comes to you when you least expect it, in situations when you least need it and when you simply don’t look for it.

I remember that when I was younger, I was stressed out a lot because every other girl seemed to have a boyfriend and to make experiences.. but me. But stressing yourself and putting your focus on looking for someone won’t help. On the contrary, I feel that it doesn’t really add to your attractiveness when you’re wearing this desperate „I need a partner“ stamp on your forehead. Once I started being more open, being myself more and just living my life and having fun, everything changed.

Of course, I know that there are people that didn’t have any relationship so far while already being 30, 40 years old or even older and that this probably is a huge stress factor but anyway – stressing, worrying and looking for someone 24/7 most likely won’t help.

I’m not saying that you can’t do anything actively to make it easier for love to find you though. For example, going out more, meeting new people, making connections online, working on your self-esteem etc. is definitely more helpful than sitting at home alone everyday, to pity yourself and to do nothing to grow as a person so that you become more interesting and attractive to others.

Personally, I have no interest in a serious relationship right now and this actually is why I fear falling in love a little because this always seems to happen when I don’t want anyone in my life. On the other hand I feel that my heart and mind aren’t really open to let another person in as they are so busy with other things. But if it happens, well.. then it happens and I will allow it to happen. I think it is foolish to say no to a love that feels good and right just because a relationship doesn’t fit into the plans you have right now. You never know if this love could have been the love of your life. Better try to work it out somehow together. Worn out but true: Love will find a way.


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