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Dream Destination: Thailand


Another country from my bucket list: Thailand. So, why do I want to go there? I guess, to people that are familiar with the online „vegan community“ it’s pretty obvious. Everyone seems to go there and though I’m definitely not a follower who does everything other people do, I got pretty hooked on going there by seeing videos and photos about all the beautiful places you can find there and, of course, all that delicious tropical fruit.

I’d love to attend the Thai Fruit Festival one day which is organized by Freelee and Durianrider each year but I’m sure it won’t happen 2017 if there even is a festival 2017 and if I don’t have any other plans by then. But I want to go to Thailand anyway, Fruit Festival or not. 😉

Thailand seems to be such a peaceful country where you can really let your soul be still. the Thai people seem to be so friendly to all the tourists which I find amazing. In the past I always thought it’s dangerous to travel to Asian countries especially as a women but many women assured me that it’s really save. Mary from mantrasandmangos even told me she feels saver being out at night in Thailand than she does in her city in Australia.

I’d also love to experience a tropical climate like the one in Thailand and to see all the tropical plants. I’m quite sure that this climate isn’t really for me and that maybe I’d struggle with some health problems, I’m just more the northern type, I guess. I also think though that these problems won’t last to long and that the body will get used to a climate like this.

It’s also great how you can get from island to island with boats that make it easy to travel around. It’s also quite cheap. Yes, the prices in Thailand are definitely also a reason for going there, haha. 😀 I’s just amazing how cheap living there is compared to Germany which makes it possible to stay there for a longer time and exploring a lot of places without spending too much money.

Though I’m not religious I’m also fascinated by all the Buddhist temples and how simple those people live there. I’ve just recently watched a video about an interview with a Buddhist monk which I can only recommend you to watch. 🙂 Buddhists often eat a vegetarian diet or a diet that doesn’t contain too many animal products as they believe in reducing suffering and to live in peace with the earth and their creatures. This makes Thailand the perfect place for vegans, of course. I’ve heard about so many vegan places and restaurants there and it would be amazing to experience such a great variety of vegan asian food.

All in all Thailand just looks and sounds like paradise to me. Sadly a paradise that also struggles with violence and terror like the latest bombing in Bangkok showed. I don’t think we should let fear keep us from travelling to our dream countries and if you think about what could happen to you out there you mustn’t even leave your house. 😉

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