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What to love about winter and how to stay positive & healthy during this season.


It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas..❄️⛄

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I know, many people don’t like winter and really struggle with staying happy and positive. Some people get seriously depressed during that time. I’m a person that loves winter (not driving through snow with my car though..). There are a lot of things to love about christmas time and winter time in general. However, not gonna lie – I often struggle with keeping a positive mindset during this cold and dark season as well.

So let me share with you a few things that help me to cheer up and that make me appreciate this time of the year:

  • decorating the house/room so that it looks cozy & warm
  • going to christmas markets
  • drinking mulled wine
  • having spa days with nice smelling warm baths, face-masks etc.
  • eating some more comfort food like chocolate or cookies
  • eating healthy foods like raw veggies so that your body is well nourished & you feel good and fit
  • lighting candles and joss sticks with christmas scent
  • spending time with your loved ones or meeting new people – the dark and cold weather is much more bareable when you don’t feel lonely
  • baking christmas cookies
  • watching the sunrise & enjoying the peace and quiet early in the morning
  • listening to heartwarming christmas music & singing along
  • watching cheesy christmas movies
  • thinking about how you can make your loved ones happy with a present or homemade cookies


  • going for a walk or a run in the beautiful snowy forests and fields & enjoying to breathe in the fresh & crispy cold air
  • doing sports in general to release endorphins, the right time to try out new indoor workouts such as yoga or pilates
  • taking photos of the beautiful winter landscape
  • taking a hot-water bottle or cherry stone pillow to bed with you
  • wearing nice winter clothes you can’t wear in summer
  • staying inside all day just relaxing, reading books and watching movies without having to „feel bad“ because it’s dark and cold outside anyway
  • going to the swimmingpool and sauna, so much cosier in winter
  • supplementing Vitamin D as we don’t get as much sunshine as in summer
  • remembering what you are grateful for and all the good things that happened to you this year
  • helping those who aren’t as lucky as you with some little things like giving some food to a homeless person
  • looking forward to warmer weather and making plans for summer 😉

Okay, obviously not all the things I like or recommend doing are healthy, like eating chocolate or drinking wine. I believe in not being too hard on yourself though. If you enjoy these things from time to time and they make you feel good and happy during these dark and cold days then go for it. I’m not talking about getting drunk and stuffing your face with chocolate every night. 😉

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