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5am Club?!


Where are all my high-ambitious self-optimizing overachievers who belong to the 5am club?

Just kidding…⁣ ⁣

But honestly: For years I thought to be successful you need to get up super early and hustle as if there’s no tomorrow.

Personally I’m someone who naturally wakes up between 6 and 7 but that’s still not my most productive time. Even though I get up early I like to take my time and have a slow start into the day, maybe add in a workout, and then 2-3h later tackle my to-do list (typical chronotype „bear“).

I used to get up between 4 and 5 for years because I had to and know I don’t feel my best doing this. So if I have the choice – why would I force myself to get up this early just because some „self-development gurus“ tell me that’s the key to success in life?

And also – there are enough people out there proving you can build a successful business even if you do not follow all or any of these“success rules“.⁣

In the end I believe we all are the most happy, healthy and successful when we live after our own biological rhythm which for some people means going to bed at 9, getting up at 5 and for others staying up till 2 and getting up at 10.

Unfortunately in our society it’s pretty hard to live after your own rhythm with school, uni or the typical 9-5. One more reason why I want to work for myself so I can set my own hours listening to my intuition…⁣

What are your thoughts on the topic?⁣ ⁣
What chronotype are you?⁣
When are you the most productive?⁣ ⁣

Do you think we as a society should make more room for our individual needs and make it easier to live a life according to our own biorhythm so that we can all be happier and healthier which would in the end also be beneficial for the whole collective?

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