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Masculine/Feminine Energy & Business


For years we have put a lot of emphasis on the masculine energy when it comes to business and leadership:⁣ action taking, efficiency, thinking, reasoning, giving, strenght⁣ ⁣

while labeling the feminine energy as weakness:⁣ feeling, intuition, creativity, nurture, softness, empathy, receptivity⁣ ⁣

The typical „hustle mentality“ has always been associated with being successful and worthy.⁣

Fortunately the world is changing and people are waking up to the realization that it’s rather unhealthy to be in your masculine energy 24/7 – as men and women. You only need to look at how stressed and burnt out our society is.

I myself have been falling into the „masculinity trap“ too many times. Especially when you start working for yourself you might think you need to always be productive, to show up even if you don’t feel like it. For a short period of time this might work out – I truly believe that „hustle phases“ have their reason for being – but you can’t keep that up forever.

Working for myself taught me that my job actually becomes a lot more easier and rewarding once I let go of all attachements, take breaks, look after myself and get into a state of intuitive creative flow rather than just doing what seems to be the most efficient and working until I reach exhaustment.⁣

How do you make sure you balance your feminine and masculine energy?

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