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Dream Destination: Costa Rica


I wanted to visit Costa Rica from the moment I saw lots of photos some time ago of a guy I follow on facebook so that’s why it is on my travel wishlist. I think he did some volunteer work there. I’d absolutely love to do volunteer working, I’ve never done anything like this before. Sure, you get no money for working but you do something useful and I think this has to be such a good feeling. And you still get an accommodation and food. Plus you’re surrounded by people from many different countries all day and also by locals as you live with them. I think this is a great opportunity to really find out how the people live in a country like Costa Rica. That’s why I love connecting with locals so much. They can also give you so many good tips on where to go, how to save money etc.

So I informed myself about the possibilities and found this agency (it’s in German..) that organizes volunteer working for you. You can do many different things in Costa Rica and I’d love to do something with animals or nature like the sea turtle project for example. The thing is just that doing this is quite expensive. Though you work for free, you have to pay to do it. Kind of contradictory.. and you still have to pay things like the flight on your own. I like the idea that you have an agency that takes care of everything and gets you a place in a project an accommodation. I will do some research in the future though if you can take part in projects like this on your own. I know it’s possible, I just don’t know how you can do it and if it’s complicated or easy to find something. If anyone who reads this has experience with this, please leave a comment, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂


But working in a project is not the only reason I want to go there, I could do this in other countries as well. 😉 Like I said, I saw many photos of Costa Rica and the nature is simply breathtaking. I’d love to see the rainforest one day but I’d not like to hike through it on my own, I’m just not brave enough for something like this, I admit it. I’m also not the person for walking through a jungle alone with all the insects, poisonous animals, sleeping in a tent,.. I’m not THAT adventurous. 😀 But when taking part in a project, you meet so many people and I’m sure it would not be a problem to go on a trip together. I also heard that Costa Rica in comparison to other countries in that area doesn’t allow weapons and is overall such a peaceful country with a very friendly mentality and guest-friendship which really attracts me. 🙂

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