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Why you should always ask for vegan options.


Inspired by this video, I want to write this little reminder for all vegans reading this to always ask for vegan options when eating at a place where there is nothing vegan on the menue. I already raised this topic a little in one of my articles but didn’t go into why it’s important for veganism to get more popular:

Demand determines supply. When you ask for something vegan in a restaurant, at your school, at university,.. people will see that there is a demand for vegan food. And it’s all about business for the owners of these places so if they get lots of requests for vegan food, they will adjust their offering to make more money.

I’m sure it works. Just look at the changes all the big supermarkets have gone through within the last few years. There are so many vegan options nowadays! And if we keep asking for these products I’m optimistic that even more vegan products will find their way to the supermarket shelves.

Happy personal experience: There is a typical German restaurant (which means lots of meat on the menue) where I’m eating sometimes. Since this year they also have one vegan meal on the menue every day, so I could even go and eat there for my birthday. <3 It’s just one meal but it’s a step in the right direction. And I guess it’s because of people like me that ask for vegan dishes.

I usually ask for something like salad without yoghurt dressing, plain potatoes and stuff like that at places like this where there are absolutely no dishes without any animal products (not even pasta with tomato sauce for example). I also keep asking for plant milk at a supermarket I always shop at and even asked them how it comes that all the other supermarkets already offer at least one kind of plant milk and they don’t to show them they are lagging behind.

So keep on asking for your vegan meal or start with it at all. Don’t ever feel ashamed of doing what’s right for the animals, for the planet and for your own health. 🙂


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