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You want to be vegan but „what about eating out“?


It wouldn’t be a problem for you to eat vegan at home but when you’re at work, walk around in town all day, go to a restaurant or travel somewhere else you think it’s too hard to stay vegan? Eating out doesn’t have to force you to eat animal products and throw your principles over board though.


For work you can just bring food from home, that way you even save money. When you are on the go you can always find a place that sells vegan food. Yes, it can be harder sometimes, depending on where you are, but getting some fruit or bread should be possible in almost every place if you don’t carry something with you from home anyway which usually is the best solution. Bigger cities often even have special vegan options nowadays. Maybe it’s not possible to have the thing you really want right now but there always are alternatives. For example some time ago some people who I was with wanted to get some ice cream. Of course, sadly there was no vegan icecream at that ice cream shop for me. They were having lots of fruit there though so I asked if it is possible for me to get some orange juice and they made me some delicious freshly squeezed orange juice. Same goes for restaurants, it’s always possible to get something. Once I was in a German restaurant and there was no vegan option on the menu at all, not even the salad was vegan. So I asked if I could get the salad just with oil and vinegar and some plain salt potatoes. Of course they were wondering what’s up with me and if maybe I am some crazy dieter. 😀 They made me a really big and delicious salad though. Often when you ask for something special they make an effort as they want to satisfy you because you are their customer. They want you to be happy so you will come back or recommend their place to others.


So eating out as a vegan doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to asked for something special when you can’t find anything vegan and you mustn’t feel ashamed for it, on the contrary. And you have to decide what’s more important to you: Getting what all the others have, for example ice cream, because it tastes good or making a compromise because animal suffering matters more to you than your own enjoyment you get from the taste. For me the latter is the case but I know there are people that make exceptions sometimes. And that’s also okay, it’s better to be 90% vegan than not at all. I just want to encourage you not to keep yourself from turning vegan just because it could be difficult when you’re eating out because there always is a possibility if you really want to stick to your vegan diet without exception.

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