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Don’t let other people’s negativity affect you.


For 2 months now I’m working fulltime again and am constantly surrounded by people, sometimes by people that are talking about negative things, people that are complaining or bitching about others. Not all the time of course but it happens. I didn’t have many people like this around me when I was studying and had a lot of freetime so I really had to get used to all this negativity around me again.

For some time now I got better and better at being more positive even on bad days so I really don’t want other people’s negativity to affect my mood. Some days ago I realized though that this negativity started to creep into my mind as well without me even really noticing it. I just started thinking about this because of a video I saw which was covering this topic. I realized that thoughts like „Monday sucks, can this day be over, I hate my life etc“ started to be in my mind again and I don’t want them to be there.

It is true that I am not truly satisfied with my life but it is also true that positivity starts in your own mind and is not necessarily bound to your circumstances. Or how can some of the poorest people in the world also be the happiest?

„If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.“ – Maya Angelou

This quote is just so true. Always remember: Okay, maybe you can’t change your situation right now, just like me. But what does it help the situation if you complain and have negative thoughts? Right, it helps nothing. It only will make everything worse. So make the best out of your situation.

It’s especially easy to get caught up in negative emotions in stressful times. Like I said, I didn’t really notice that my mind was wandering into the wrong direction again. So try to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings so you actually can influence them.

So now when I’m having a bad day, other people are talking about negative things and I start to feel like it’s all getting me down, I take a moment and think about the positive things in my life and what I can be grateful for. It really sounds worn out, I know, but it truly helps so much to keep your mind positive and healthy.

Try to smile and be relaxed even on bad days and treat others with kindness even if they are not treating you too well and they are just being negative. You will see that your day will brighten up even if nothing changed on the outside. It’s possible to trick your mind with just acting as if you are in an amazing mood, the body will respond with true positive feelings if you force yourself to think positive and smile a lot.

Always remember who you want to be on the inside. If you want to be positive and happy inside it is in your hands. No situation and no people are to blame for your mood if you decide not to let them affect you. I know it’s easier to blame external circumstances and I still often do it (still learning.. 😉 ) but it’s just not right.

And another tip: Go vegan, this really helped me with having a more positive mindset but I will make a separate post on this. 🙂


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