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Dream Destination: The Island of Fire and Ice aka Iceland


Iceland is another place of those I want to visit once in my life. I can’t say I’m seeing myself going there too soon as I’ve already spent about half a year up in the North last year. What I desire at the moment are warm and tropical countries so I make them my priority. Anyway, I definitely want to go to this island in the north sometime in my life. I’ve always been quite a winter child and all the countries in the North have always been so appealing to me.

I always found Iceland fascinating as it seems to be a place where you can really experience the beauty and calmness of nature as it’s so sparsely inhabited. The nature there seems to be so rough and untouched by humans and I’d love to spend time there and to experience true solitude. I already got this feeling when being in Lapland where there was just nothing around you but nature and it felt amazing. Going to Iceland would also mean to get the chance to see the Northern Lights again which was one of the most touching things in my life so far and calls for repetition.

The geysirs and hot springs are also something I want to see/bath in. I don’t think there is any better place if any other place at all where you are able to do this. It’s absolutely amazing how fire and ice come together in this country.

I also like the idea of getting to see the most northern capital in the world. I guess Reykjavik is a capital like the other northern cities I’ve visited so far: Not too crowded and noisy which is perfect for me. Being in cities full of people and noises really takes away my energy after a short time.

All in all I just think Iceland is a country which really is perfect for me. I don’t mind the cold and I like to spend time alone without many people. I remember being to a concert of the Icelandic band Sólstafir (if you don’t know them, check them out!) and they said „Why would you go to Iceland? There’s nothing but volcanos, sheep and us playing the blues“ and I thought „sounds perfectly fine to me“. 😀

I also just found a great blog about Iceland which makes me want to go there even more. <3

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