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Listen to your body, it’s okay to take a rest.


This week has been pretty busy for me. I also didn’t feel my best physically and I still don’t. I only went for a run on one day this week so far and it’s already Friday evening. This is why I thought first „Okay, I will go for a run today despite that it’s raining, I have muscle ache in my legs and I’m feeling tired and worn out and all I want to do is to relax and sleep.“

But then I just couldn’t motivate myself. I was actually starting to stress myself a little, I have to admit because I always think I need to move to stay fit and healthy and yes, I need to do this, we all do.. usually.


But you know what? It’s okay to rest a little more than usually. We all have these days where we just don’t feel like doing anything. Forcing yourself can’t be right, I believe. Normally I’m all for „do a workout anyway, you will feel better after it“ but not when you feel that it’s not just inner laziness but also your body that is telling you to take a break. I feel that’s what my body needs right now, I feel that I might catch a cold when I go outside in the cold and rain to run now while feeling this tired, unfit and with already having warm cheeks and a light headache.

I also think it’s good to do something different to your normal workout if that is too hard but you want to do something for your body anyway. Maybe I’ll still do a little light yoga workout and stretching this evening, nothing exhausting, just something to make me feel good and calm. And probably I feel better tomorrow after going to bed early today to catch up on some sleep. I can still go for a run then and I guess I’ll have a better run after having had a good sleep than if I’d have forced myself out there today in this current state I’m in.

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