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Dream Destination: Hawaii


Time for another country from my future travel wishlist!

All my life I’ve never really been interested in visiting the US. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to visitng New York for a day for example, just because I thing a city like that with all those huge buildings has to be fascinating but apart from that – no real interest for my part. And it’s still not a dream of mine to go there – except for Hawaii! By now..

Why by now? Well, actually my interest in Hawaii has only just risen within the last few months.. after I got into Instagram. 😀 There are some wonderful accounts containing lots of photos from Hawaii and it really seems like such an amazing place! Lots of awesome things there: green meadows, volcanos, surfing, hiking, diving, tropical fruits,.. The beauty of its nature is just overwhelming! The Instagram accounts I’m talking about if anyone is interested are for example this, this, this and this one. need I say more about why I want to go there? How could anyone not like Visit Hawaii after seeing all those photos and hearing about all the adventures you can experience there? 🙂

I know that Hawaii is supposed to be really expensive though so I guess if (ok, let’s call it when!) I go there it probably wouldn’t be for such a long time. If I really make kind of a small world trip for about one year, I thought that maybe I could visit Hawaii in the end if I still have enough money left. 😀 And as a little highlight. 😉 But Im making plans again, wanted to stop this. 😉

I heard there’s also the possibility to work while being there but from what I’ve read so far it’s pretty difficult to get a job if you’re not American and of course you need a visum again etc. So I guess I wouldn’t work there but just enjoy my stay for a shorter period of time. But maybe it isn’t even that expensive like everyone says? Who knows? 🙂


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