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Autumnly Soy Yoghurt


If you love the taste of cold and warm food mixed together, this recipe is perfect for you. <3

This yoghurt bowl can be a whole breakfast or just a snack or dessert. As I had it for breakfast I used 500g of soy yoghurt but you can use less (or more), of course.

You will need:

500g plain soy yoghurt
1 apple
1tbsp raisins
3tbsp rolled oats
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 handful of walnuts
1tsp vegan butter
1tbsp (roasted) buckwheat grains

Put the soy yoghurt in a bowl.

Cut your apple into small pieces. Put your apple pieces in a pot and add all of the other ingredients except for the buckwheat. You can add as much cinnamon as you like. Put your pot on the stove and warm up your apple mix carefully on low temperature. It’s ready when it’s warm and the ingredients start to stick together.

Put the apple mix on top of your soy yoghurt and add the buckwheat grains for some crunchiness. Personally, I prefer roasted buckwheat but unroasted buckwheat is fine as well.

Enjoy. <3

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