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We’re all human.


So this week I was feeling completely unmotivated. If you read this post, you may guess why. I was stressing myself quite a lot over this because I always had thoughts on my mind like „Oh but you should write a blog post, you should go running, you should wash your clothes, you should do this and that..“  when literally all I did was like coming home from work, eating, watching a movie, crying a little here and there and falling asleep.

However, today I thought about this. I mean, seriously: Where is the sense in putting pressure on yourself to be productive when you’re already feeling down? To put you down a little more? That’s what I realized today, it’s just not a good thing to do to yourself, it doesn’t help. I mean, yes, it’s good to get some distraction through doing something useful, most of the time it makes you feel better. I also went for two short runs because my body just needed some movement and I knew it would help me. But apart from that? Like I said, I did almost nothing.

But apart from lacking motivation, I was also just so uninspired by everything, nothing really made me want to do something else than eating and staring at screens. I know this is not a good thing to do but I guess sometimes you just need to let yourself go. Where is the sense in forcing you to do something like writing a blog post anyway when you do not know what do write at all because you feel like nothing excites and inspires you at the moment? You can’t force creativity. Just allow yourself to be lazy and take your time to cry in bad times and to go through strong emotions. Of course, this is nothing anyone should do for a longer period of time though but it’s not like this becomes your permanent state just because you give in to unproductiveness at one point in your life.

In the end we’re all human and we all hit rock bottom sometimes.


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