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Hello, June.



Hello, June.

A new month always gives me fresh energy to work on what I wanna achieve.

For this month my focus lies on 2 main goals:

1. Stepping it up with my business and bringing it to the next level.
2. Seriously sit down and figure out what I’m gonna do with my life when leaving Australia in August.

It’s a very emotional time for me right now but I have to leave Australia, there’s no way around it and the time of pushing it to the back of my mind is over. I know I have to face this fact and find ways to deal with it.

I know that our emotions can get into the way of doing what needs to be done because we might feel like we just wanna sit down, cry and give up but in the end this doesn’t change anything and it DEFINITELY doesn’t help the situation.

There’s a time for letting your emotions out and surrender to them because suppressing your emotions is not a solution. But there’s also a time to put your emotions aside and to just get sh*t done – otherwise we’re just wasting this precious life because of things we can’t control.

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