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Getting off the pill: Changes after four months.


This will just be a really short update, the last one I guess, as not much has changed anymore but I want to do it anyway just for the completeness.

The biggest change was that I finally got my period back which I’m really happy about.. and thankfully it wasn’t painful at all. I guess this means my hormone system is not completely damaged. 😉 As I mentioned in my last post, I started taking monk’s pepper to get my hormones back into balance again. Of course I can’t be sure that I got my period back because of this but if you’re struggeling with not getting your period after taking the pill, I’d recommend you to try it.

I still get lots of pimples on my back and neck but I still use my tea tree oil and healing earth which reduces them a little as I noticed. Thankfully I don’t get too many in my face anymore as I did in the beginning after getting off the pill.

What I can definitely say is that I still experience some heavy pms where I feel bloated, have headaches, digestive issues,.. I’m really not used to this anymore as I never had any pms anymore once I started taking the pill. I hope that maybe in the future it won’t be as heavy anymore especially with me still taking the monk’s pepper which is said to also help with pms.

All in all, I guess I can call myself lucky that I got my period back so early, I know that some women don’t get it in years! And I’m also thankful that I only get more pimples but 8at least so far) didn’t experience any crazy hairloss as many others do. Some people say that with being vegan all the bad symptoms that come with stopping taking the pill are reduced anyway but of course I can’t really give a professional opinion on this as I don’t know what it would’ve been like without being vegan. It sounds logical to me though as you ingest lots of hormones with eating animal products which I can imagine can  make it even more difficult for your body to balance out its hormones.

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