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„Vegan isn’t equal to healthy.“ True, but..


When bringing up the health benefits of a vegan diet, some people try to bring veganism down with the argument that „vegan isn’t equal to healthy“. Actually this is true. Being vegan doesnt automatically mean that youre eating healthy.

Why this argument bothers me anyway and in my opinion doesn’t make sense at all:

People that care about eating healthy before going vegan will most likely not go over to a vegan junk-food diet, I myself am the best example for this. Although I originally went vegan only for ethical reasons, I always cared about eating healthy (or what I thought is healthy back then..) even while being an omnivor. So once I went vegan, I continued making healthy food choices. Why would I start eating processed foods like vegan meat, vegan cheese, vegan sweets etc. all the time when I know theyre not good for me? Illogical.

Now when you come from an omnivor past of eating mostly junk food, you probably will go over to eating vegan unhealthy substitute products such as vegan sausages, cheese, chocolate etc. if you don’t care about your health at all and are vegan solely for ethical reasons. BUT, and that’s my main point, in my opinion you are still healthIER when eating an unhealthy vegan diet than when eating an unhealthy omnivor diet. Why? Because even though you consume lots of ingredients that are bad for your body, what you do not consume are harmful ingredients such as antibiotics, hormones and cholesterol.


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