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Pasta makes you fat?


I know, there are many people out there who think pasta is the devil. But let me tell you one thing: It’s not. I eat lots and lots of vegan and guess what? I’m not gaining weight from it. On the contrary: Pasta makes me feel full and satisfied so I don’t feel the need to get something unhealthy afterwards.

To all of you who struggle with preparing healthy meals because you feel like not having the time, just take pasta! It’s such an allrounder. So often I just throw together pasta with veggies, some pesto or sauce, that’s it. Usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to prepare a pasta meal. The good thing about pasta is that you just have to put it in hot water and nothing else. And while waiting for the noodles to soften you can prepare the rest.

So please don’t be afraid of pasta. Yes, it’s a processed food but it’s not unhealthy, it’s quite a good source of starches to get you full and satisfied. Keep it vegan though and try to avoid too much extra fat like oil. Don’t be afraid of it though, I also use some oil and nuts sometimes, especially for pesto. What’s normally making you gain weight with pasta are all the fatty sauces with meat and cream.

Anyway, extra health tipp: Take corn pasta. If you don’t like corn pasta, try to mix it with white pasta. Another good think is to make zucchini noodles. As they don’t really fill me up I usually mix them with normal noodles.

To give you some inspiration of how diverse healthy vegan pasta meals can be, here are some photos of mine. 🙂 (If you have any recipe request, just ask me in the comments.)


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