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Dream Destination: Oz aka Australia


Put another country on my bucket list.. 😉

I already wrote an article about why I want to go to New Zealand and that I would like to do some work & travel there. The reason why I chose New Zealand and didn’t mention Australia before is that I thought New Zealand is more beautiful and more special. But after some researching I found out that for Eurpoeans Australia is much more different and exotic than New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to visit New Zealand but I thought about maybe doing some work & travel in Australia first for some months and mabye visit New Zealand after for a shorter period of time as it’s so much smaller than Australia. I’ve also heard it’s easier to find work in Australia and that it gets paid better.. but I guess it’s different from person to person and everyone will make different experiences with working.

I’ve never really been into Australia much in the past but I totally changed my opinion. There are lots of things that got me being fascinated by Australia, for example all those photos of Bondi Icebergs, this looks just way too cool and I’d love to see it. And lately I’ve been watching so many videos of this channel which makes Australia look like such a great country to visit. I also like that you can do so many diverse activities there: visiting interesting cities like Sydney, do rural work, diving and surfing, hiking in the outback and seeing animals like koala bears and kangaroos. As a child koalas have been my favourite animals and I still think they’re so cute and I’d absolutely love to one day hold one. How childish, right? 😉 It’s also said that the Aussies are so much different from us Germans, way more open and friendly. I can already confirm that as I got to spend some time with some Aussies when being to Lapland and I’d love to experience their way of living and to learn from their mentality. I really need to work on worrying less and being more relaxed and outgoing.

One more thought that came into my mind is that if I visit New Zealand anyway why not do both, Australia and New Zealand as they’re quite close together and I’ll probably not get down there ever again? Would be quite a waste of opportunity, I guess.. I also heard it’s a lot cheaper to fly to Australia from Europe and to New Zealand from Australia.

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