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Skincare: Keep it natural.


As I wrote in my last post, I really got problems with pimples after getting off the pill, more than I ever did before. I also wrote that it already got a little better recently because of two products I reintroduced into my skincare.

I just want to tell you quickly which products I use:

Healing Earth

You just mix it with water, put it on your face until it’s dry and then wash it off. You can use healing earth external and internal. It’s also beneficial for many other things like digestive problems or inflammations for example.

Tea Tree Oil

I always put it on my face in it’s pure form. It smells awesome and I can feel right away how it helps with my pimples. I think you shouldn’t have too sensible skin though as it can burn a little. I don’t really feel it but I heard that for others it’s too strong. You can also try to water it down in this case.


That’s it.. quick, cheap and natural. You could say that maybe my pimples got less naturally because my hormones start to balance out now but I truly believe it’s because of the healing earth and the tea tree oil as it started to get better immediately after using those two again.

At the moment I don’t use anything beside them. I already used different chemical products from different brands in the past but they never really helped. I can’t say they made my problems get worse, they just didn’t have any effect.


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