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Why I’m not changing my name.


The other day I got a comment under one of my Instagram photos telling me „you’re disgusting, you’re a carnist, you were never vegan, you should change your account name“. First of all I felt that comment was pretty rude and second no, I’m not gonna change my name. Here’s why..

It’s true that I originally chose the name plantifulalexandra in reference of only eating plant foods. However, over the years I got quite attached to the name and people know me (or my account) under that name, it’s pretty much my „online identity“. I don’t see the point in giving up that familiar name just because I changed my diet. If my name was something like „veganalex“ I totally would but my name doesn’t even have to word „vegan“ in it, people just associate the word plantiful with veganism.

And while I do eat animal foods now that doesn’t mean I’m not eating plant foods – I do, I eat both. Actually I don’t really differentiate between animal and plant foods anymore. What became more important to me is where the food comes from, how the plants are grown, how the animals are raised, if it’s organic and local, basically if the food production happens in harmony with nature or against it.

Over time I started to associate the name plantifulalexandra with more than just my diet. For me it also expresses feeling close to nature and caring about this Earth even though some people (who don’t even know me..) might not agree that I do.

Today I feel more connected to nature than ever and I’m more conscious than before about the choices I make when it comes to food, clothes and other products. With saying that, I’m nowhere near perfect but who can say they are in this modern world we live in? We can all just strive to make the right choices and do our best – which looks different for everyone.

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