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Create more, consume less.


In our today’s society, instead of being creative, we tend to consume a lot because there are lots of possibilities for consumption: TV, radio, internet,..

The last couple of months, I myself have been consuming way too much to be honest. Videos, articles, podcasts,.. Okay, to be fair – I guess I needed this during that time, to get inspiration and new ideas. To learn about other ways of living and what others do to grow and fulfill their dreams. Now it’s enough though. I realized that the main reason for consuming wasn’t anymore to learn or get inspired but just to get distracted and entertained.

While I love all the great things everyone does, like youtube videos for example, I just need to cut down on this to have more time for my own ideas and activities. It is not easy to find enough time for yourself anyway when you’re working fulltime. So obviously, with consuming a lot of things, it’s even harder. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop consuming videos, articles or podcasts altogether, I’ll just keep on consuming a few things that I feel truly benefit me.

I guess that a lot of you can relate to this struggle. And yes, it is really hard to concentrate more on yourself and creating something yourself instead of just absorbing what’s already there. So if you know what I’m talking about: Turn off that video, close that article you’re reading, stop scrolling through facebook and start doing!

It feels so good to create something yourself because we all have something to say and to share. I believe that humans naturally are creators and that anyone is able to create something new that adds value to this world. It also feels really satisfying to put something out into this world that you know was created by you and noone else. That’s how I feel about my ebook for example and also just by sharing photos and blog articles. Don’t get me wrong, feeling good about sharing your own things and even being proud of it has nothing to do with being smug or cocky. It just feels good when you are acting more active than passive. It makes you feel more alive to actively do something than to just absorb and passively „live through others“.

You also find out what you are passionate about and talented in when you try out things. It helps to figure out your strenghts which is really important when it comes to find out which job or way of living is right for you for example. Are you more of a spiritual person who loves to read and write or are you maybe good with creating stuff with your hands, with cooking, with painting? You’ll never know if you don’t start with anything and try out. How sad would it be if some of your greatest talents would stay undiscovered?

And of course, there is nothing wrong with taking a day off from time to time and just watching a movie or some stupid videos, we all need this from time to time, it’s just natural. I also think it’s healthy to sometimes just get lost in entertainment to distance yourself from your life and maybe problems you have, to be able to get clearer about it all again once you get back to it.


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