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Why you should travel alone.


At least once in your life.

Travelling with other people and being able to share these memories with them when you’re back home is amazing but travlling alone also is. Why? Here are some reasons..

  • Travelling alone is a big challenge. From the moment you leave the house, you need to find your way around everywhere on your own: Train stations, airports, busy streets in a foreign countries,.. This can be really hard and frustrating but in the end you’ll see that you always arrive at where you wanna go somehow sometime. And when something goes wrong you need to find out what to do and can’t rely on anyone else to solve the problem.
  • You will learn to appreciate small acts of kindness and helpfulness from other people so much more when you struggle while travelling as you’ll be so relieved and grateful to get help from someone.
  • While it can be challenging, it also can be a lot easier to travel alone when it comes to coordinating a trip for more people when it comes to booking flights and rooms. You can be a lot more spontanious when you’re travelling around somewhere as you don’t need to find a room for more than one person.
  • If you don’t wanna spend all your time completely alone, you have to step out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers. You’ll be able to meet so many new people and make new friends. It’s pretty easy to get in contact with others when you’re alone. Most people are really friendly and welcoming, especially when they see that you have noone else to talk to or to go on trips with. When you travel with others, it is more likely that you just keep to yourself as a group.
  • When visiting beautiful places on your own, you won’t be able to remember this together with someone else later, that’s true. But isn’t it also a wonderful thing to have these special memories that are yours and only yours alone?
  • You decide what you want to do. You don’t need to agree with others where to go, when to start, don’t need to wait for anyone etc. You don’t need to do anything you don’t wanna do at all. Less drama.
  • When you have noone to talk to, you are, as already mentioned, forced to make new connections or to just be by yourself and alone with your thoughts. You’ll have a lot of time to clear your mind, to think about your life, future and dreams, to practice and to practice getting along with having you as your only company.
  • You will learn to listen to your intuition a lot more when no other person is influencing your decisions with her thoughts and doubts.
  • You don’t need to justify yourself when a plan you made doesn’t turn out as it was supposed to be. The only one being disappointed will be you, you didn’t ruin the day for anyone else.
  • In the end you’ll be proud of yourself and will probably appreciate yourself so much more because you’ve experienced what you’re actually capable of when noone else is around.


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