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They say it’s never too late..


..to start a blog. 😉

Well, so the last weeks I was surfing on the internet quite a lot and found a lot of blogs and youtube channels that have been so inspiring to me that somehow this evening out of the blue I decided to launch a blog. I have absolutely no experience with blogs but hey – who has when starting a blog? 😀

In this post I just wanna introduce myself a little and what I plan to put on this blog.

I’m a German student and this year in October I’ll already turn 27 years. I have the feeling that my life is passing by so quickly and I just realised that I want more of it than just working, earning money, paying bills and die. I want to travel, see the world and do something good for this world.

I just turned vegan about 2 months ago and this somehow changed everything for me. It’s as if it opened my eyes for the world and what really matters in life.

So far I went to school, made an apprenticeship in business after, worked for 1 year and then started studying health promotion which I’ll finish this autumn with my bachelor thesis (topic: vegan diet). And I’ll be soo happy when I’m done! I’m currently already looking for jobs ‚cause my first plan is to get a job to earn some money and save some money for travelling. I hope I’ll get a nice job of course but it’s not my priority in life anymore. And I really plan to go abroad for a longer time within the next 5 years even if that means I have to quit my job if there is no other way. I know people will tell me this is madness if you have a good job but there are more important things in life. I believe you’ll always find a job somehow. And I also think it even can improve your chances to get a job when you’ve travelled other countries and improved your language and social skills. 😉

So I’m not really sure what this blog will be about. I guess it’ll be a mix of everything: Everyday life, travel experiences, veganism, food, running, thoughts,..

That’s it for now.. my first blog post ever – yay! 🙂


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