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Embrace Heartache.


Is there a remedy for waiting?
For loves victorious return.
Is there a remedy for hating?
Every second that I’m without you.
-Angus & Julia Stone


When you fear to lose the most important person in your life or you already did, your life just feels so empty, so pointless. All you do is going through old memories in your head over and over again and cry over them which makes you feel even more miserable. It hurts so much that it even makes you feel physically sick. In my opinion, heartache is one of the worst pains you can feel. To some this may seem ridiculous but then I believe they did not have to go through it so far in their life. You might think they are lucky but I’m not sure.

At the moment I go through this. I feel like shit, I cry my eyes out, my head hurts, I feel weak and hopeless. But I also feel grateful. I feel grateful because I love. There are people that never experienced true love in their life, never felt what it is like to have such strong feelings for another person. I feel grateful to feel such strong emotions, to carry them with me wherever I go. Most of the time we just live our lives day by day without feeling too much, we are just stuck in our routine even if we are in a good relationship. Yes, we might love each other but do we really appreciate what we have after a long time being in that relationship, when it becomes normal? „You only realize what you had when it’s gone“, this sentence is just so true.

And I know I will get through this because I already did in the past with the first breakup of this relationship. Life goes on somehow, it always does. Maybe in hard situations like this we should appreciate the feelings we have even if they are negative feelings like sadness, uncertainty and desperation. In those situations we feel like our world is falling apart but getting through hard times can also leave us feeling stronger.

So many wonderful creations like songs, books and movies arose from lovesickness. I believe heartache can also be inspirational and while this sadness feels horrible in the moment you feel it, it is just an emotion. It is not good or bad, it is just how we feel. And if we were happy all the time, how could we truly appreciate happiness? Without darkness there is no light, everything would just be indifferent.

I rather feel heartbroken than to feel nothing at all. I feel sad but I feel alive.

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