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Dream Destination: The land of the thousand lakes aka Finland


Another country from my wishlist and yet another one up in the North! I already visited the two other „long“ countries (aka Sweden & Norway, always call those 3 the long countries..) but I always had a soft spot for Finland.

Sounds strange but it all started with music. Better said with metal music, better said with Nightwish. Okay, I know, this sounds ridiculous like „You like a country because of a band“? No, of course it’s not like this. But before I got into their music I didn’t really think about Finland, why would I? 😉 So they inspired me to find out more about Finland. Especially their band leader always talks about how he loves his homecountry and the peace and calmness you can find there.

I learned about how beautiful this country has to be with it’s lakes and forests when looking through books and websites. Nature seems to be untouched by humans there in many parts. Like I already said in my post about Iceland, I love calmness and spending time alone without too many people all day and loud noises. Btw: Saying this doesn’t mean I want to go hiking in the woods all the time, camping alone etc. No, this is not for me. But staying in small towns with no bigger cities but forests and lakes around you is just wonderful. And the air is so much cleaner up there and even more when the area is sparsely inhabited. Already got this feeling when living in Sweden and I was only in the South.. 😉

I also love the Finnish language, guess it’s my favourite after French. The language sounds quite funny but beautiful at the same time, especially in songs. <3 I also love the Finnish accent when talking English, call me weird. 😀

There’s actually not too much more to say about why I’d love to go there because most of the reasons why I want to go to Iceland can also be taken for Finland. But maybe one more thing.. I’d absolutely love to visit a Finnish metal festival when being there. 😀 Finland has such a huge metal scene and for me it’s just the land of metal. To go to a festival there would be amazing! Not sure if I’d use my time for this when I got the opportunity to visit Finland and to explore the nature. Depends on how much much time I’d spend there, I guess. 😉


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