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Staying healthy when working fulltime / having little time?


Many people say they don’t have the time for eating healthy and working out when they have a fulltime job. Especially a 9-5 job can be tricky as you leave the house in the morning and come home in the evening so you don’t have a full morning afternoon to get something done. I know how it feels, I just started working a fulltime job this week again but so far everything is fine.

On a sidenote: No, I’m not sharing my experiences from 3 days of working, I already worked fulltime before I went studying and had quite a long way to get to work (which consumes even more time..) as I do now as well. 😉

So yes, your freetime is limited when working fulltime, that’s undeniable. But let me tell you something: It is totally doable to stay fit and healthy anyway. I’m even going as far as to say if you have a family. Of course, I’m not in the position to form an opinion on this as I do not have my own family but I know there are lots of mothers and fathers out there who manage a job, caring for their kids, doing homework, working out,.. 😉

So, how to do it? I will make a separate post with tips for eating and working out when you have little time. 🙂

But first of all: The most important thing to know is that it’s all about your mindset. If you truly care about your health and your body you can do it. You have to make it one of your priorities in everyday life. You have to be willing to sacrifice getting straight on the sofa and switching on the TV after work (no offence, but many people do that, right? 😉 ).

It’s also essential to have a good time management! I claim that anyone has 30min a day to get some exercise in and a healthy breakfast to start the day (more in my next posts..)

If you come from a time where you had  lots of time and working out a lot (like I had when studying..) you will even feel the need to move your body when starting to work, especially if you have an office job where you’re sitting a lot, I can promise you that. So this makes it easier because it’s not a duty to work out but more like a hobby and a relief as it feels good for you to move and to get rid of stress. It will also be easier for you if you already know a lot about nutrition and sports in general but even if you don’t, there are tons of videos and blogs out there that can help you. Like I said, I myself will share some tips on eating and working. They’re small tips but I think they can make a big difference, at least they help me to manage my everyday life.

And don’t think I myself never struggle with motivation, of course I do. Of course I have days where I come home and just do nothing but watching videos or reading a book. Those days are also needed though, I believe.


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