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Dream Destination: Scotland & Ireland


These countries both are on my list of countries I want to see in my life. The reason for putting them in an article together is that I think they are quite similar. I guess many people will say now „no, they’re totally different, you can’t compare them“ and yes, this is probably true looking at them entirely. What I mean is that they both are an European island respectively belong to one and are located in the same area. They also both have beautiful nature like their highlands and divine coasts. I would be okay with visiting only one of the two countries, I think, as the landscape and climate is not too different and the landscape is mainly the reason why I want to go there. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 😉

I’ve always been a little fan of ancient buildings like old ruins and Scotland and Ireland both have them. I think the atmosphere there has to be quite special, the nature and buildings there always remind me of fantasy or knight movies. All this stuff like Braveheart, Dragonheart,.. you get, what I mean. 😀 I know, this sounds a little cheesy but I’d really like to experience a surrounding like this and to feel taken back to ancient times. I already got this feeling a little when visiting the North of France. I guess the nature and architecture there is also a little similar to Ireland and Scotland and I really loved it there so I’m sure I’d love these two other countries as well. It’s also not that hot. Yes, I want to visit tropical places but I think I’m just not made for great heat and that someone like me belongs in a more moderate climate. So I think I’d feel comfortable there.

The mentality in both countries seems to be great as well. In opposite to Germans they seem to be a lot more relaxed and like drinking their whiskey and having a good time. Beware, chlichés.. 😀 But in all the books, movies and even travel reports from Germans it seems like it is true at least a little. I guess all clichés have some truth to them. So yes, people that are friendly, warm and helpful are always a plus.

I actually almost visited Ireland two years ago but then my boyfriend and I decided to go to Tenerife instead as Ireland was way more expensive. When thinking about going there, I was also worrying a little about driving on the wrong side of the road, I have to admit. I still worry about this when I think about going to Australia and maybe driving a car there. 😀 But this just on a side note..

Not sure if I’d prefer to go to Scotland or Ireland, to be honest.. when it comes to the capital I’d rather see Edinburgh than Dublin. I’ve already seen so many beautiful photos of it and well, this city is just incredibly beautiful! But maybe I’d find a leprechaun in Ireland and get a pot of gold, haha. Well, I don’t know and I guess it would only be in years when I’d go there, so I honestly don’t really think about this yet.



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