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If you were someone else, who would be you?


Often you want to be someone else. To have another person’s amazing life, looks, experiences, partner, friends, job,.. don’t you?  But is this actually true?

When you think about it: Being someone else also means giving up everything you have. Giving up all the people in your life, all your own talents, all your little flaws that make you lovable, all your memories and experiences, everything you’ve struggled with and mastered so far,.. giving up yourself as a person. You wouldn’t be here anymore, all your very own thoughts and feelings would simply disappear because: If you were someone else, who would be you?

So, is this what you truly want? I don’t. Everytime I get thoughts like “Why can’t I have her life?”, I think about what this actually means and I realize: No, I love myself for who I am and I would miss having my own memories, thoughts and feelings. I would miss my soul, I would miss me.

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„Be weird.
Be random.
Be who you are.
Because you never know who would love the person you hide.“
– C.S. Lewis

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