The Perfect Diet

First of all: Of course, this is only my personal opinion. As I studied health promotion and have quite a lot of personal experience regarding this topic as well, I don’t think I shouldn’t sell myself short though. 😉 So, what is the perfect diet? In my opinion there is no such thing as a perfect diet. BUT what I definitely believe in is that a vegan diet is the best choice for anyone as I don’t think eating products coming from animal cruelty fuel your body and soul well. I don’t agree with people who say “our bodies are different and for… Read More »The Perfect Diet

Dream Destination: Thailand

Another country from my bucket list: Thailand. So, why do I want to go there? I guess, to people that are familiar with the online “vegan community” it’s pretty obvious. Everyone seems to go there and though I’m definitely not a follower who does everything other people do, I got pretty hooked on going there by seeing videos and photos about all the beautiful places you can find there and, of course, all that delicious tropical fruit. I’d love to attend the Thai Fruit Festival one day which is organized by Freelee and Durianrider each year but I’m sure it won’t happen… Read More »Dream Destination: Thailand

Sacrificing your dreams for others?

So last night was really emotional for me. I had a discussion with my parents about.. well, basically about what’s the right way to live your life. I told them I want to get a job now after studying to – among other things – save up for travelling later in my life and where I plan on travelling. Of course, my parents didn’t agree with this. They say I’m not normal and I can’t just do this and that I have to think about my future. But.. isn’t this my future? Ah no.. I forgot. My future is to… Read More »Sacrificing your dreams for others?

Dream Destination: Middle Earth aka New Zealand

So this is the first part of my blog series of dream destinations that I have on my current bucket list and it’s about why I’d love to visit New Zealand one day. Since hearing about New Zealand being the country that’s farthest away from Middle Europe I’ve been fascinated by it. And also by watching The Lord of the Rings, I guess many people know this syndrome. 😉 I’d absolutely love to visit Hobbiton.. I mean, how awesome is that? 😀 What I love about New Zealand is that the landscape is so diverse: You have the ocean, beaches, forests, meadows and… Read More »Dream Destination: Middle Earth aka New Zealand

Healthy, quick & vegan: Oatmeal

No, this is not going to be a recipe post, just a small post about my love for oatmeal. <3 😀 Especially now that the days are getting colder again, I really crave my warm oatmeal. It just makes me feel so comfortable. I always loved oatmeal, even before going vegan. I think it’s just such a delicious meal and it’s so simple. I personally mostly eat it for breakfast but also for lunch or dinner sometimes. Oatmeal really makes it easy to eat a healthy breakfast even if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning. It usually takes me about… Read More »Healthy, quick & vegan: Oatmeal

“Liebster Award”

Yay, I got nominated to take part in a kind of blog game which is about discovering new great blogs. 🙂 Never took part in a thing like this so of course I’m in! Zoe from the blog lifeofaprettynormalgirl commented on my blog yesterday to nominate me, thanks again. <3 She runs a cute German blog about the small things in life and also loves food and travelling, just like me. The rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Link this blogger in your post. Put the award-picture in your post. Answer the questions you get from the blogger who… Read More »“Liebster Award”

Looking back and forward to winter.

Last year in winter we made a one day trip to Oberstdorf in Germany/Bavaria.. I’ve always been quite a winter child. There have been years in my life when I couldn’t stand summer. Don’t ask me why.. 😀 I was just looking forward to the colder seasons all the time during summer. Nowadays I like all the seasons as they all have their pros and cons and I also learned to appreciate summer and it’s warm weather. Especially early summer mornings and late evenings are magical. I’m still not the one for the biggest heat though. But this post is not… Read More »Looking back and forward to winter.

Future Travel Plans

I thought I’d make a little bucket list of the places I’d love to visit. To be honest with you, at the moment I don’t have the possibility to go anywhere as I’ve just finished studying and have no money left. So I need to work for quite a while now to afford travelling. But this doesn’t keep me from dreaming and making plans. 😉 I was thinking about maybe doing some work & travel first before I’m 30 (as I’m too old after) to save some additional money to visit other places afterwards. The problem is that it’s not easily… Read More »Future Travel Plans

Stay calm, don’t stress.

Another thought I want to share.

This week so far has been really stressful for me and I struggle with feeling exhausted and tired plus I have a headache which I didn’t have in a long time. Is it because I had so much work to do and couldn’t get enough sleep? No, not at all. It’s mental stress. And it’s because I stress myself though there is no need to. There have been some problems with my studies and this worried me so much. I couldn’t think about anything else. The worst thing was that I couldn’t do anything about the situation but waiting. But instead of calming down in the meantime because I couldn’t do anything anyway, I worried and worried.. and today the problem is almost solved. So I stressed about nothing, like so often. Through my studies I’ve learned though that it’s normal that you feel stressed the most about situations you don’t have any control of and can’t do anything yourself to solve a problem.

I also worry about the future a lot. My future at the moment is extremely uncertain, I have no idea what the rest of this year will look like. And this causes stress again. I know though that I should rather take this uncertainty as an exciting challence and as a chance for changing my life to the better. Isn’t it so much better to be excited and wondering about what will come than to just be stuck in the same routine everyday with nothing new happening?


Here are some things I try to do/tell myself to stay calm and reduce stress and the negative thoughts that come with it. Maybe they can be useful to some of you as well:

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Get out.

I just want to remind you to get out of your house and out of your routine even if for a few days, even if only for one day! I know how hard it can be to travel or do amazing activities if you don’t have the money or the time at the moment which is the case for me right now. But whenever possible, do something. You don’t even have to leave your country, not even your region. You can also go out and discover your local nature. It just came to my mind again in this moment how… Read More »Get out.