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Getting off the pill: Changes after one month.


Time for another update! If you haven’t read my last article where I talked about my mental and physical changes after one week being off the pill, you can find it here.

So, what can I say?

Firstly, I didn’t gain or lose any weight. As far as I can tell.. I don’t really weight myself anymore. 😉

After about 2 weeks my skin got a little more oily and I got some more pimples like I usually do. However, after one month now my skin is almost like it was when I took the pill. I’m not even sure if this happened because I stopped taking the pill or because of other stress going on in my life.

Do I have to deal with hairloss? I’m not sure.. until today I thought I didn’t but then I saw lots and lots of hair on my desk chair today. Could be normal as you lose quite a lot of hair during the day, especially with long hair, but it also might be because of getting off the pill. I hope it’s not.. I guess, I’ll find out in the near future.

So far I did not get my period again. I know that’s normal though when you’re getting off the pill after years as your body is totally confused and needs to learn again how to produce and balance its hormones. I actually got some slight lower stomach cramps a few days ago when I should have gotten my period but that’s it. Those were the first cramps I ever got after over ten years. I always had them when I didn’t take the pill and with the pill they were gone. I hope they will not get stronger again in the future.

As for mental changes: Like I said in my first article, I feel more relaxed and positive. At the moment my life is pretty messed up and there are some sad and confusing things happening but anyway: I’m handling those things a lot better than one year ago, I guess (when the same stuff was going on in my life..).

Well, that’s it. Quite a short article but there really isn’t much going on and hopefully it stays like this. 🙂 If there are any bigger changes happening, I will keep you updated, of course. I know this is a topic which is really important for lots of women, so the more information and personal experiences you can find online the better.


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