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Trust the timing of your life.


“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets accomplished.”

And we are a part of nature, too.

In this day and age we’re so used to instant gratification because we can just get anything we want at anytime really – social interaction, likes, entertainment,…

We aren’t used to waiting and being patient anymore, we want to have everything right now in this very moment. And if it doesn’t happen right away, we might think it’s not worth it, we‘re a failure or it wasn’t meant to happen. But hey – good things often take a bit of time, right?

The funny thing is that we often feel this pressure to be at “X” place in “X” amount of time and our expectations of what should happen and what our life should look like comes from outside but we actually create it for ourselves.

To get more patient with yourself and your life, it may help to look at things from a different perspective:

If we get everything we want immediately, would it even feel that meaningful? Probably not.

If we only focus all our energy on getting „there“ just to get there, don‘t we miss out on a lot of self growth opportunities on the way?

Are we really feeling happy and fulfilled when reaching a lot of goals in a short amount of time or does it only leave us wanting more and more so that we’re always running after the next thing we want to accomplish and get done?

And think about it: Has there ever been a time in your life when you were working towards a certain goal and waiting for a certain outcome for a long time – maybe years – just to find out that when you finally got there you didn’t even want it anymore because you’ve changed and grown on the way or an unexpected and even better opportunity came up? Imagine you got what you wanted back then right away – you would’ve missed out on so much that happened on the way!

So lean back, trust the timing of your life, be grateful for what you have right now, celebrate small wins, believe in yourself and your dreams and enjoy the journey with all the learnings it is offering you.

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