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Authenticity – what does it really mean?


Authenticity – a word we see so often on social media but what does it actually mean?

Does it mean sharing each and every part of your private life?⁣
Posting unedited photos that you may not even like?⁣
Sharing your honest opinion on every single topic out there?⁣

I guess we all have our very own definition and idea of authenticity but for me it doesn’t have anything to do with any of the above.⁣

You don’t have to share everything or post unedited photos if you actually enjoy taking beautiful photos and expressing your creative side through editing.⁣
You don’t have to share your opinion about every topic.⁣
You don’t have to share your whole life with the world.

For me the word basically means:⁣

•sharing your truth even if others disagree ⁣
•expressing what you want to say in your own words⁣
•saying no when you want to say no and yes when you want to say yes⁣
•sharing what you believe is good and right and valuable⁣
•being okay with not everyone liking you when you’re being your true self⁣
•setting boundaries for people who have a toxic influence on you and your life⁣
•taking the discomfort of being judged or criticized over the discomfort of faking something⁣

Think about it:
What does it mean to you to live your most authentic life – online and offline?

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