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Quit your job but do it right.


„Should I quit my job?“
„When should I quit my job?“

Questions a lot of you probably have asked yourself at least once in your life, right?

From personal experience I can say that I asked myself these questions at least 800 times during the different 9-5 office jobs I had back in Germany – jobs that just didn’t feel right and left me feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

In the end the person making this decision can only be you but I’d love to give you my take on this topic anyway as I know it can be helpful to hear what others have to say.

In my opinion you should not simply go and quit your job tomorrow just because you hate it. I always say keep the job until…

  1. you have found a new job.
  2. your own business is going so well you know you have money coming in on a regular basis.
  3. you have enough savings to figure out what you want to do – looking for a new job or doing your own thing.
  4. you have enough savings and decide to do something you can’t do with keeping your job like studying in another city, working abroad or go travelling longterm.

I know it can all get too much and all you might want to do is to walk into your boss’s office saying „I quit!“ but personally I believe that might not be the smartest idea.

I’m all for following your heart and listening to your intuition but that doesn’t mean you have to switch off your mind when it comes to decisions like this.

Take your time to figure out what it is you want to do – maybe you can even reduce your hours to make it easier – and when the time feels right you can still quit. Just make sure you definitely do it in the end. Don’t settle for the wrong job just because you’re too scared to leave your comfort zone to start something new.

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