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Too old for travelling?


When I told my parents that my plan is to get a job, save some money and then quit (if I have to) to travel a lot because I haven’t seen enough of this world yet, their first reaction was „But you have to start working again after studying and get a safe job. You didn’t work a lot so far and you have to think of your retirement. You’re already turning 27 this year!“.

But should your age really keep you from doing what you want? Leaving aside that fact that 27 isn’t old.. I even think being over 30, 40 oder 50 is not too old to start travelling. Some people only realise later in life what they truly want to do and what they’ve been missing out on so far. So should these people like me say „Okay, now it’s too late, bad luck.. I’ll bury my dreams, work for my retirement and die“? I don’t think so.. Of course, maybe it would’ve been smarter to go travelling directly after I’d finished school with 18 but I didn’t even think of this. I was quite a different person back then and didn’t have this desire to travel but now I do. I think you always should do what feels best for you at the present time. And even if I experienced a lot of things back then, should this mean not going on with this when I’m older?

Age should never be what keeps you from striving to live your dreams because in my opinion this would mean wasting your life. We should all try to live our life to the fullest and start new things not only when we’re young but also when we’re older. Learning new things and exploring new countries is what keeps our life exciting. If you only do the same everyday you will become kind of lethargic, there are enough examples that prove this. Just existing but without a true meaning of life..

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