Employee vs Self-Employment

When I was younger I always said that I never wanted to be self-employed because I thought that means owning some kind of firm or shop in a certain location. The whole working online concept wasn’t really a thing back in the early 2000s. So I thought having your own business means being bound to a certain location and that it also means a lot of risk, investment, responsibility working 24/7. In Germany we use the word „selbstständig“ for being self-employed which translates to „selfalways“. I remember my parents always telling me: you work for yourself, you work around the… Weiterlesen »Employee vs Self-Employment

Jump without a safety net.

Jump and the net will appear.⁣⁣The safety net won’t appear BEFORE you make the big step you’re too scared to make, it appears AFTER you did.⁣⁣⁣⁣I made that experience over and over and over again in the past. I did a lot of things without exactly knowing what’s gonna happen, how my life would go on, how to support myself and so on.⁣⁣⁣⁣Whenever I let go, followed my intuition and allowed me to do what felt right to me, everything magically fell into place.⁣⁣Doors opened, opportunities appeared, I met the right people at just the right time, I got the… Weiterlesen »Jump without a safety net.

Shift your mindset.

How I got to where I am? Taking risks, travelling to the other side of the world, always being open for new experiences, learning new skills all the time, opening doors I didn’t know were there,…?⁣ I shifted my mindset. Growing up we learn a lot of limiting beliefs in our Western society. ⁣We learn that living basically means going to school, studying, getting a „safe“ (hello Covid19) job, paying the bills.⁣⁣This seems to be the only correct path to follow.⁣Isn’t it weird how most people don’t seem to be too happy doing this?⁣Or should I better say: It’s NOT… Weiterlesen »Shift your mindset.


So many of us believe in the misconception of not being “enough” or not having “enough”. ⁣⁣It’s so deeply anchored in us, we don’t even question it.⁣⁣I ask you to question it:⁣⁣Can you love yourself right here, right now, and accept yourself with all your imperfections, with the work in progress that you are?⁣⁣Learn to do so and you will realize that you already are enough.⁣Can you appreciate all that you have in your life – love, friendship, health, food,… – are you truly grateful for these things? ⁣⁣Learn to do so and you will realize that you already have… Weiterlesen »Enough.

Quit your job but do it right.

„Should I quit my job?“„When should I quit my job?“ Questions a lot of you probably have asked yourself at least once in your life, right? From personal experience I can say that I asked myself these questions at least 800 times during the different 9-5 office jobs I had back in Germany – jobs that just didn’t feel right and left me feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. In the end the person making this decision can only be you but I’d love to give you my take on this topic anyway as I know it can be helpful to hear… Weiterlesen »Quit your job but do it right.

Trust the timing of your life.

“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets accomplished.” And we are a part of nature, too. In this day and age we’re so used to instant gratification because we can just get anything we want at anytime really – social interaction, likes, entertainment,… We aren’t used to waiting and being patient anymore, we want to have everything right now in this very moment. And if it doesn’t happen right away, we might think it’s not worth it, we‘re a failure or it wasn’t meant to happen. But hey – good things often take a bit of time, right? The funny thing… Weiterlesen »Trust the timing of your life.

Authenticity – what does it really mean?

Authenticity – a word we see so often on social media but what does it actually mean? Does it mean sharing each and every part of your private life?⁣Posting unedited photos that you may not even like?⁣Sharing your honest opinion on every single topic out there?⁣ I guess we all have our very own definition and idea of authenticity but for me it doesn’t have anything to do with any of the above.⁣⁣You don’t have to share everything or post unedited photos if you actually enjoy taking beautiful photos and expressing your creative side through editing.⁣You don’t have to share… Weiterlesen »Authenticity – what does it really mean?

Are you an expert?

In the past being an expert in a certain field meant having learnt a certain job, having a uni degree or certificates from different courses.⁣ ⁣ Thinking you need all of this to be an expert can hold you back so much because you might feel you’re not “good enough” to teach others if you don’t have anything on paper. Having a degree etc. isn’t a bad thing of course and there certainly are occupations you HAVE TO study for – but hey, times have changed.⁣ ⁣ When it comes to certain topics you can be an expert who others… Weiterlesen »Are you an expert?

Hello, June.

NEW MONTH NEW BEGINNING NEW INTENTIONS NEW OPPORTUNITIES Hello, June. A new month always gives me fresh energy to work on what I wanna achieve. For this month my focus lies on 2 main goals: 1. Stepping it up with my business and bringing it to the next level. 2. Seriously sit down and figure out what I’m gonna do with my life when leaving Australia in August. It’s a very emotional time for me right now but I have to leave Australia, there’s no way around it and the time of pushing it to the back of my mind… Weiterlesen »Hello, June.

Why I decided to work online…

… and would choose to do so again every single day. Independence: No one tells me what to do and how to do it, I don’t depend on other people to give me a job and pay me. Time Freedom: I can work whenever I want – Monday at 5am or Sunday at 8pm – and for however many hours I feel like working that day. Location Freedom: I can work from literally anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet. Connection: Through our community I’m able to work together with motivated, inspiring and supportive individuals which brings me… Weiterlesen »Why I decided to work online…