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Shift your mindset.


How I got to where I am?

Taking risks, travelling to the other side of the world, always being open for new experiences, learning new skills all the time, opening doors I didn’t know were there,…?⁣

I shifted my mindset.

Growing up we learn a lot of limiting beliefs in our Western society. ⁣
We learn that living basically means going to school, studying, getting a „safe“ (hello Covid19) job, paying the bills.⁣

This seems to be the only correct path to follow.

Isn’t it weird how most people don’t seem to be too happy doing this?⁣
Or should I better say: It’s NOT weird how most people are not happy doing this.⁣

We’re all so different, we can’t just live after one dictated formula.
There is no such thing as „one lifestyle fits all“.⁣

Let me tell you one thing: ⁣

At the end of your life you are not gonna look back and think „Oh, what a fulfilled life I lived! I always stayed within the norm, followed the rules, never did anything crazy, always made sure everyone liked me and never did what I truly wanted to do.“⁣

So start living for YOURSELF.⁣
Do what’s important to YOU. ⁣
Do what YOU believe in. ⁣
Do what sets YOUR HEART on fire.⁣

In other words:⁣

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