Instagram Q&A – Your questions, my answers. Pt. 2

This week I asked you to leave me some questions for a Q&A here on my blog. So here are my answers to your questions: 1. What are you most excited about now that you quit your job? You would probably think of something like “travelling, finding my dream job,..” but no. Actually for me the most exciting thing is to have the whole day for myself, to wake up thinking “Ok, so what am I gonna do today?”, to be able to go for a run when the weather is good, to say yes to events and meeting people just… Read More »Instagram Q&A – Your questions, my answers. Pt. 2

Memories of 2017

The end of the year has almost come.. time to take a look back. 2017 has been so different from what I thought it would be. At the end of 2016 I thought this new year is going to be MY year. That I would quit my job, spend the winter outside of Germany and so much more. But well, not really.. in fact, 2017 hasn’t been much different from 2016 and quite uneventful. No big changes happened – no travels, no new job, no new relationship,.. Anyway, I think every year shapes you and your life in a certain way.… Read More »Memories of 2017

Liebster Award – Questions & Answers

I got nominated by Sandra from Lana Lifestyle to join in the “Liebster Award”. <3 It’s a German blogger game but I decided to give the answers in German and English as a lot of my readers don’t understand German. I’ll start with English, you can find German below. What makes you happy? There are so many things but I think it’s mainly the small non-materialistic things: a good book, beautiful music, nature, running, surfing, animals, doing something for others, feeling loved, delicious food.. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? I would… Read More »Liebster Award – Questions & Answers

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Let’s talk smartphones & social media.

“The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media.” I’ve seen this quote a lot and it’s so true. The best laughs and most memorable situations I’ve experienced don’t make it to my Instagram account. I’ve just finished this book called “Digital Depression” and although it’s already clear to me how obsessed we as a society are about with smartphones and social media, I really enjoyed reading it. It’s so well written, so up-to-date, so on point. You see people starring on their screens all day long – while shopping, partying, having conversations, being at work, going for… Read More »Pictures or it didn’t happen? Let’s talk smartphones & social media.

Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?

When you are in your teens, you are confused. You don’t really know who you are or who you wanna be. You know that it is normal and you believe that you’ll have it all figured out once you’re and adult and “grown up”. And here I sit, more confused than ever.. For all my life I’ve felt this weird inner “identity conflict”. I feel too versatile to feel steady. I like so many different things that don’t really fit together and I get thrilled by different things, different ideas and different lifestyles so easily. One day I’m obsessed with this… Read More »Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?

If you were someone else, who would be you?

Often you want to be someone else. To have another person’s amazing life, looks, experiences, partner, friends, job,.. don’t you?  But is this actually true? When you think about it: Being someone else also means giving up everything you have. Giving up all the people in your life, all your own talents, all your little flaws that make you lovable, all your memories and experiences, everything you’ve struggled with and mastered so far,.. giving up yourself as a person. You wouldn’t be here anymore, all your very own thoughts and feelings would simply disappear because: If you were someone else, who… Read More »If you were someone else, who would be you?

Don’t look for love, let it find you.

“You will find love when the time is right, when destiny calls, not before. Desperation is a terrible perfume.” – Leon Brown Something I noticed is that a lot of people complain about being lonely and not finding a partner. Honestly, I believe that this is where the „problem“ starts: trying to find a partner. I’ve made the experience that love tends to happen suddenly. It comes to you when you least expect it, in situations when you least need it and when you simply don’t look for it. I remember that when I was younger, I was stressed out… Read More »Don’t look for love, let it find you.

How to attract people into your life? Love who you are.

You know these cool people? These people that anyone knows, that everyone thinks are just so cool and with whom people wanna hang out with? I’m sure you do, we all do. So, here’s a little story: When I was a teenager and even a little bit older, I went out quite a lot at the weekends and I always looked up to these “cool” people who always got invited to parties and stuff without even asking. They just seemed to be so cool that they didn’t have to ask anyone, everyone was just asking them as they wanted their… Read More »How to attract people into your life? Love who you are.

Should vegans date non-vegans?

When you are a vegan, often the question comes up if you would date someone who is not vegan. For me personally, the answer is 100% yes. When I went vegan, I was still in a relationship with a non-vegan. And no, veganism was not the reason for us breaking up. The fact that I went vegan actually never affected our relationship in any negative way. Of course, everyone is different and I can understand vegans who say that they couldn’t be together with someone who has a different point of view on a topic which is such a big part of their… Read More »Should vegans date non-vegans?

Why you should travel alone.

At least once in your life. Travelling with other people and being able to share these memories with them when you’re back home is amazing but travlling alone also is. Why? Here are some reasons.. Travelling alone is a big challenge. From the moment you leave the house, you need to find your way around everywhere on your own: Train stations, airports, busy streets in a foreign countries,.. This can be really hard and frustrating but in the end you’ll see that you always arrive at where you wanna go somehow sometime. And when something goes wrong you need to find… Read More »Why you should travel alone.