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Oil Pulling – how & why?

Oil pulling has become a big trend recently and I’ve been doing it for about a year now as well – it’s actually one of the best routines I’ve added to my daily life. So, what is this oil pulling and why is it beneficial for your health? How to do it: Do it first thing in the morning, before drinking, eating or brushing your teeth. Take about 1tbsp of oil into your mouth. You can use any organic cold-pressed oil but it’s said that coconut oil is the most effective and I haven’t tried any other oils. Tbh the… Weiterlesen »Oil Pulling – how & why?

The worst is yet to.. probably not come.

85% of what we worry about never happens.. Five hundred years ago, Michel de Montaigne said: “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” I’ve just read an article sharing this percentage information found out in studies. And I mean, yes.. I can totally imagine this to be true. How often do we imagine worst-case scenarios in our head that in the end never occur? At least I do, that’s one of my main struggles and the reason I worry so much all the time. I worry about things that will probably never happen! Anyway,… Weiterlesen »The worst is yet to.. probably not come.

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Let’s talk smartphones & social media.

“The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media.” I’ve seen this quote a lot and it’s so true. The best laughs and most memorable situations I’ve experienced don’t make it to my Instagram account. I’ve just finished this book called “Digital Depression” and although it’s already clear to me how obsessed we as a society are about with smartphones and social media, I really enjoyed reading it. It’s so well written, so up-to-date, so on point. You see people starring on their screens all day long – while shopping, partying, having conversations, being at work, going for… Weiterlesen »Pictures or it didn’t happen? Let’s talk smartphones & social media.

Pancake Sunday

It’s Sunday! <3 Which means it’s time for pancakes, right? People always ask me for a recipe for my pancakes but honestly I don’t really use any recipe and just put together the ingredients by feeling. Anyway, I decided to measure the ingredients for you today and to write down a little recipe. Probably one of the easiest pancake recipes ever.. For one pancake stack you will need: 1 ripe Banana 100g of your favourite flour 150ml of your favourite plant milk 1tbsp corn starch 1tsp baking powder Mash the banana with a fork and put it in a bowl.… Weiterlesen »Pancake Sunday

What to love about winter and how to stay positive & healthy during this season.

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas..❄️⛄ I know, many people don’t like winter and really struggle with staying happy and positive. Some people get seriously depressed during that time. I’m a person that loves winter (not driving through snow with my car though..). There are a lot of things to love about christmas time and winter time in general. However, not gonna lie – I often struggle with keeping a positive mindset during this cold and dark season as well. So let me share with you a few things that help me to cheer up and that make… Weiterlesen »What to love about winter and how to stay positive & healthy during this season.

Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?

When you are in your teens, you are confused. You don’t really know who you are or who you wanna be. You know that it is normal and you believe that you’ll have it all figured out once you’re and adult and “grown up”. And here I sit, more confused than ever.. For all my life I’ve felt this weird inner “identity conflict”. I feel too versatile to feel steady. I like so many different things that don’t really fit together and I get thrilled by different things, different ideas and different lifestyles so easily. One day I’m obsessed with this… Weiterlesen »Identity Crisis.. at the end of my 20s?

French fries are unhealthy? Forget about that..

I wasn’t sure if this is actually worth a post but then I decided it is because: So many people complain about French fries being so unhealthy and having lots of calories and fat and that this is the reason they don’t eat them. Good news: You do not have to deny yourself French fries! Potatoes themselves are actually a health food, full of good stuff such as vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and fiber. They also contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity. At the same time they are low in calories and contain no cholesterol or fat. French fries… Weiterlesen »French fries are unhealthy? Forget about that..

If you were someone else, who would be you?

Often you want to be someone else. To have another person’s amazing life, looks, experiences, partner, friends, job,.. don’t you?  But is this actually true? When you think about it: Being someone else also means giving up everything you have. Giving up all the people in your life, all your own talents, all your little flaws that make you lovable, all your memories and experiences, everything you’ve struggled with and mastered so far,.. giving up yourself as a person. You wouldn’t be here anymore, all your very own thoughts and feelings would simply disappear because: If you were someone else, who… Weiterlesen »If you were someone else, who would be you?

Getting into meditation: My experience with “Headspace”

I’ve heard a lot of people, especially happy and successful people, talk about what benefits they get from meditating regularly. Even my ex-boyfriend was always meditating when we were together and I saw it was doing him good. I never meditated in the past. I sometimes tuned in some guided meditation on my laptop before going to bed to be able to fall asleep easier. This works really good for me but I wouldn’t really say that I was meditating as the purpose of meditating isn’t to fall asleep, I guess.. A few weeks ago I heard about the app called “Headspace” for the first time.… Weiterlesen »Getting into meditation: My experience with “Headspace”

There’s more to health than just diet and exercise.

A lot of people that approach a topic such as health, mainly talk about eating a healthy diet and working out but leave everything else aside. In my opinion, the mental components are so underrated although I believe that they belong to the main influences when it comes to being healthy. I just came home from another trip to Morocco this week and I realized once again what positive effects trips like this one have on my health. Everytime I’m travelling, I feel better than when I’m at home although my diet may not be as healthy as at home or I may not work out as much. On… Weiterlesen »There’s more to health than just diet and exercise.